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Which Businesses Need a Real Estate Photographer?

You might be surprised by how many businesses need a real estate photographer. There are many businesses that require a real estate photographer at some point in time, whether for selling or renting an asset, social media, record keeping, marketing materials, company reports, etc. Here are just some of the businesses that need the skills of a real estate photographer:

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents and real estate photographers are a match made in heaven. Real estate agents need photos of the property they’re selling, and professional real estate photographers are trained to take creative, high-quality photos that help make their clients’ homes stand out from the competition. Photography is an important part of the marketing process for home sales, so people who sell or rent properties need a photographer with experience taking pictures of those kinds of spaces.

The best real estate photographers can capture images that look modern, well-lit, colourful, and inviting—all without being distracting or too bright. They also know how to frame shots, so they have space around them but aren’t too crowded with furniture or other decor items. Learn more about the working relationship between real estate agent and photographer here.

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Rental Property Managers

Rental property managers are in a unique position to benefit from real estate photography. They need to show their properties to potential renters, and they need to do so in the best light possible.

But why would a property manager use a photographer instead of just snapping photos themselves? Aside from the obvious (aside from being an amateur photographer, who doesn’t want their own photos taken), there are several reasons why hiring an expert is better than doing it yourself.

Restaurants and Cafes

Interior and exterior images of a restaurant is a fantastic way to display your restaurant’s atmosphere and help you get more customers. You can use the images of your restaurant to promote the establishment on social media, on your website, printed materials, and online directories.

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Vacation Rental Hosts

If you are a vacation rental host and want to stand out in this competitive market, hiring a real estate photographer is one of the best ways to do it. A good real estate photographer can capture your property at its best angles, using lighting that shows off your space’s features and making it look as inviting as possible.

Whether you’re listing on Airbnb or HomeAway/VRBO, having professional photos of your listing is key for getting bookings. Many hosts use Airbnb’s “instant book” feature because they don’t have time to wait for guests to respond after being booked—so even if someone books with them at 10 p.m., there needs to be high quality photos available for them before they’ll confirm that booking.

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Construction Companies and Builders

Construction companies and builders can benefit from having photos captured of their project. These photos can be used to document the process, as well as show off their completed product. Photos of the construction process are especially useful for potential buyers who want to see how a building was put together or what it looks like inside.

Photos of your finished product will help potential customers see what you have done before so they feel confident that you’ll be able to finish their job in time/with good quality materials, etc.

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Interior Designers

As an interior designer, you probably have a lot of clients who want to see the spaces you create for them. You need high quality images of your space to show these potential clients. If they can’t see the details in the photos and understand what it will look like when it’s done, they may not be interested in hiring you.

You also need a photographer who can capture those details so that you can show off your work at its best! The better-quality photos are, the more likely someone is going to hire you.

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If you are an FSBO, or For Sale By Owner, then you may want to consider hiring a real estate photographer. A professional photographer will help to ensure that your home is presented in a way that accurately reflects its value. There are many benefits of hiring a real estate photographer for your FSBO listing:

  • It can help sell your home faster than other methods.
  • It can increase the price of your property when it goes up for sale.
  • It helps buyers imagine themselves living there and enjoying themselves in the space with their family or friends.

If you are thinking about selling your home but aren’t sure how much time or money it will take out of your day, consider hiring professionals who specialize in helping homeowners get ready for their big move.

Commercial Agents

If you’re a business owner who owns or manages a commercial property, then you know that the real estate photography process is more complicated than it is for residential homes. While a house has just one purpose—to be lived in—commercial buildings can be used for so many things: offices, retail stores, restaurants and cafes, bars, and clubs, etc.

Hiring an expert photographer to shoot your commercial property could be worth the investment if you are trying to sell or rent out this type of space quickly and efficiently. has hundreds of professional real estate photographers who are ready to help you grow your business with professional photography.

Utilise the user-friendly search feature to find your dream real estate photographer, then contact them via phone, email, or direct message on the platform for a quote or to make a booking.