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Category: For Real Estate Photographers

Apr 07
How Collecting Payment at Right Time Can Maximize Revenue for Your Real Estate Photography Business

While your choice in processing platform can have an effect on the interface in which you collect payment for your real estate photoraphy business, one of the other most important factors when it comes to payments is when you charge your customer. The time at which you collect payment for a real estate photo shoot […]

Apr 04
Camera Bags for Real Estate Photographers

When it comes to camera bags for real estate photographers, it is really up to you which type of camera bag you choose and will depend on the amount of spare gear you bring to your real estate photo shoots.   The type of bag you choose also depends on whether you need to walk […]

Apr 01
Real Estate Photography Referral Partnerships

What is a Referral Partnerships Referral partnerships are a great marketing strategy for real estate photographers. They are relatively easy to setup and do not cost you anything. If done correctly they can generate a significant amount of genuine leads for your property photography business. Referral partnerships involve working with a business that you are […]

Mar 27
Choosing a Lens for Real Estate Photography

The correct lens is crucial When it comes to real estate photography, choosing the correct lens is crucial to capturing quality real estate images.   Unfortunately, most lenses that come with your DSLR camera or mirrorless cameras will not be sufficient for shooting real estate interiors or exteriors. These lenses are still great for lifestyle […]

Mar 25
Social Media Tips for Real Estate Photographers

Social media is a free tool that every real estate photographer should learn to master as it is one of the most effective ways to connect with your existing and potential real estate agent clients. It is one of the best ways to organically grow your real estate photography business audience through content creation and […]

Mar 11
10 Questions to Ask a Real Estate Photographer

When hiring a professional real estate photographer, it is important to understand what you are getting in terms of deliverables, turn-around time, and customer service. Discussing these with your potential real estate photographer, in addition to the terms and conditions related to their services will help avoid any future issues and will assist in securing […]

Mar 07
Choosing the Right Memory Cards for Real Estate Photography

Selecting memory cards for real estate photography requires considering type, size, and speed. Learn how to equip yourself for efficient shoots in this guide.

Feb 21
Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Photographers: SEO

Unlock the potential of SEO for real estate photographers. Elevate your real estate photography marketing strategy, boost exposure, and attract more clients.