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Choosing the Right Memory Cards for Real Estate Photography

Memory Cards for Real Estate Photography

Real estate photographers rely heavily on their equipment for flawless shoots. Among the crucial gear are memory cards for storing valuable images. Fortunately for photographers, over the years, memory cards are getting cheaper while providing more and more available storage space. The most important characteristics of the memory card for real estate photographers are the type, size, and speed.

Memory cards for real estate photographers

The most common type of memory card is the SD (which includes the SDXC and SDHC); however, some cameras use older types of memory cards such as the Compact Flash (CF-I), Multi Media Card (MMC) and xD-Picture Card.

Real estate photography usually demands thousands of RAW files in a full day of shooting several homes; therefore, you should have at least two memory cards with a sufficient amount of storage space. Instead of one expensive memory card with 256GB of space, I would recommend having at least two cards with at least 128GB of space so that you can keep one spare card in your camera bag at all times.

Equipment for real estate photography

Having an additional card with you can be handy when your main memory card corrupts, or you accidentally forget to put it back into your camera after transferring photos on your computer at home.  

You should also remember to format your memory card at the start of each day to avoid running out of space or needing to delete files one by one if you’ve already shot a few houses that day and can’t format the entire card. 

Memory cards for real estate photographers

Memory Cards for Real Estate Photography: Write & Read Speed

To further optimize your workflow, familiarize yourself with the concepts of ‘write speed’ and ‘read speed,’ ensuring smoother and more efficient real estate photography sessions. Click here to learn about ‘write speed’ and ‘read speed’.

In the world of real estate photography, the right memory cards play a critical role in capturing the perfect shot. By considering type, size, and speed, you’ll be well-prepared for any shooting scenario, ensuring your equipment supports your creative vision.

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